International Students

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The Counseling Center recognizes international students as a significant part of the University of Illinois student body. We provide innovative outreach programming for students as well as consultation to individuals and groups on campus with the goal of facilitating the adjustment and success of international students during their time at the University of Illinois. Individual therapy meetings with counselors and group therapy options are also available to assist with challenges that might affect academic and personal success of international students, especially when familiar support systems may not be available.

Useful Information for International Students

Cultural Transition and Adaptation
International Students in the US come from a variety of national and cultural backgrounds and may have varying amounts of familiarity to the US culture. Regardless how much an international student knows about the US, nearly everyone has to go through a period of adjustment and adaptation. Information about the adjustment process can be helpful in understanding one’s experience and taking some of the stress out of the process.

Legal Issues for International Students
In general, what is legal and what is illegal in the US is no different from what is true in most other countries. However, there are some areas of law that an international student may not be prepared for due to differences in cultural values and norms. A lack of awareness in such matters can lead to problematic situations and cause unforeseen and unintended difficulties. Some such topics are traffic rules, alcohol related laws, domestic violence, and child abuse.

Education System for Your Children
International students who are accompanied by their families might benefit from becoming more familiar with how the US school system works, and what they, as parents, might need to do in order to help their children succeed in this system

Cognitive Disability Resources
Sometimes difficulties with academic success may be due to a category of disabilities called Cognitive Disabilities such as Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia, and ADHD. Cognitive disabilities are often “hidden disabilities” and can remain unacknowledged or undiagnosed for long periods of time. These conditions do not imply a lack of intelligence, but are more likely to interfere with the full realization of one’s potential.

Campus Resources for International Students

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